How To Create Travel Inspired Home Decor?

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”, as young adults everyone has the wanderlust. You travel a lot, go on adventures and live the life, but then you settle down into a routine adult life and you miss those travels. A great way to keep you inspired to travel is to surround yourself with those memories with some travel inspired home decor.

Stunning photographs, travel memorabilia which you collected while traveling, and other knick knacks can be a part of your travel home decor. Here is a how you can create amazing travel inspired home decor –

Dine In The Dazzling City

Traveling is usually associated with nature and finding picturesque locations but many city slickers love traveling to the great cities of the world. You can bring this feeling at your home with travel inspired wall paper like the “New York Skyline” in your dining room. Setting the dining table against the skyline wallpaper will give you a feeling of sitting at a rooftop restaurant in New York and enjoying a great dinner!

You can also add interesting pieces like framed travel postcards or fridge magnets which can be perfect for travel home decor. It will inspire talks of traveling even with the guests who visit your home.

Travel Inspired Wall Decor Ideas

Soak In The Sun Room –

Most apartments today do not even have access to direct sunlight and the rooms can feel dark, you can bring in some needed sunshine with travel inspired wallpaper like the “Munnar Kerala” which will transport you to the lovely tea plantations. The picturesque wallpaper will complement your travel home decor and make you feel like a traveler basking in the sun in Kerala!

To enhance this decor you can use similar colors like green and blue in your furnishings which will look beautiful. Using wooden furniture or ethnic prints will transform your home and inspire you to go traveling.

Travel Inspired Wall Decor Ideas

Sleep At The Beach –

Remember the last time you went traveling to a beach and you wish you could relax there forever? You can get that feeling in your home with this travel inspired wallpaper “White Haven Beach” whose soothing white sand and Blue Ocean is so mesmerizing it will lull you into a calm sleep. Such travel home decor does not only inspire you to travel but also creates a wonderful atmosphere for your bedroom.

You can bring in a few shells or some bamboo furnishings to create a shack like travel home decor.

Travel Inspired Wall Decor Ideas

Achieve The Impossible – Home Decor

Travel gives you an adrenaline kick like none other especially adventure activities like mountaineering. Bring in the spirit of adventure in your child’s room with a travel inspired wallpaper of the “Pennine Alps”, this imposing mastiff will only spur the imagination of your child and inspire them to strive to do their best. They will want to start traveling and become your perfect companions! You can add in a few other things like a Globe or a framed atlas to go with the travel home decor which will kick start your child’s wanderlust.

A simple method to include graphic art in soft pastel colours is to use maps wall paper as wall decor. These three maps feel coherent despite having different colour schemes because of the neutral frames and white mats. Bright navy walls highlight the travel-themed décor even more.

To achieve a travel-inspired look, use materials like rustic wood, natural stone, wood and textiles with patterns to add depth and texture of your decor.

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